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Groundwater Services

British Drilling and Freezing (BDF) has been an active contractor in the UK groundwater industry for over 50 years. Also, our range of drilling-related activities extends from the cutting edge of oil and gas exploration, through deep mineral exploration, underground gas storage construction, water, geothermal, site investigations down to earth rod holes just a few metres deep. This unique legacy enables BDF to offer an unrivalled level of expertise and understanding to its customers in the water industry.

We construct both large and small diameter waterwells and observation holes, including well development, acidisation and pumping tests.

There is no limitation on our depth capability for the groundwater industry. We can drill holes up to 1.3m in diameter using conventional or reverse circulation, and could provide specialist equipment for larger diameters on request. Airlift reverse circulation techniques are available for hole sizes above 125mm diameter . When appropriate we can use air or foam flush, with or without downhole hammers. We also carry out coring.

We install wellscreens, gravel packs, piezometers etc. and carry out development by brushing, jetting, swabbing and airlifting.

We have extensive experience of borehole acidisation and we believe that our equipment and techniques are the most advanced in the UK outside the oil industry.

Our test pumping capability is to an industry-leading standard. We have a clear understanding that, for a pumping test, the client is primarily buying the data rather than hiring the temporary equipment. Therefore we concentrate on acquiring and presenting the data to a high standard. We have successfully carried out extensive injection and abstraction cycle tests for ASR trials, involving sealed and highly pressurised wellheads for the injection phases.

All of our test pumping equipment is also available for hire.

We also carry out remediation and abandonment of existing wells and boreholes including fishing operations for dropped objects.

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