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Monday, May 27th, 2024

RIG 17
Wirth L4

  • BDF Rig 17 - Alfred Wirth & Co. L4
  • Wirth mast - 14.75m (48'6") clear height with a maximum static hook load of 50te (112000lbs)
  • Wirth large diameter rotary table - 1.10m (43.25") diameter opening with 40,675Nm (30,000ftlb) torque
  • Wirth double drum drawworks with Deutz B/F 12 L 173KW (230HP) power
  • Silenced auxiliary drilling compressor - Ingersoll Rand 700cfm x 170psi
  • Various drilling mud pumps available for conventional circulation
  • 22m3 mud tank system with shale shaker and mud cleaner

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