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Sunday, July 14th, 2024
British Drilling and Freezing Company Limited
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BDF has more than 80 years experience of ground freezing and has been responsible for the execution of almost every known ground freezing contract in the UK, a total exceeding 80 contracts. Numerous overseas contracts have also been undertaken.

The company has made a major contribution to perfecting the ground freezing process. Modern methods such as liquid nitrogen and efficient refrigeration compressors have dramatically lowered temperatures, resulting in greater frozen ground strengths, reduction in the time taken for the freezing process and considerable cost savings.

BDF is fully equipped as a ground freezing contractor and has a proven track record. The increased use of sophisticated computer techniques has improved ice wall design and freeze hole geometry, and has helped to control the accuracy of freeze hole drilling.

BDF played a major role in the development of the Selby coalfield, freezing 10 shafts and carrying out an innovative freezing project to permit the coal access drifts to be tunnelled through running sands at a depth of 175 metres. It has also been a major contractor in the construction of Deep Shaft effluent treatment shafts in the UK.

Following the accidental collapse of tunnels and shafts ground freezing is frequently the quickest, most cost effective, and sometimes the only path to recovery.

Compared to other ground stabilisation techniques, ground freezing provides the certainty required to ensure that your operations can be completed in a safe and guaranteed enviroment, something that cheaper options are not often able to provide.

We are frequently retained as consultants for ground freezing operations. By providing a complete service the company offers a cost effective, quality solution to difficult construction problems.

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