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Monday, May 27th, 2024

RIG 29
Failing SMSR 400

  • BDF Rig 29 - George E Failing & Co. "Back-In" SMSR 400 self propelled mobile drilling and workover rig
  • IDS Telescopic mast to API 4F 3rd edition - 36m (118') clear height with an API static hook load of 275,000lbs
  • Substructure - 4.26m (14') clear working height.
  • Failing HI-4210A-38 double drum drawworks with 337.5KW (450HP) Detroit 8 V 92T power
  • 2no.triplex pumps - National 8-P-80 638kw (850HP), and Continental Emsco F800 (875HP). Other pumps also available.
  • 280bbl mud tank in two compartments plus 15bbl trip tank
  • Thule VSM 100 linear motion shale shaker and Brandt Viper mud cleaner
  • 3 1/8" x 5,000psi choke manifold with one manual adjustable choke
  • 7 1/16" x 3,000psi Shaffer LWS double ram B.O.P stack with Hydril GK 7 1/16" x 3,000psi Annular B.O.P
  • Optional Topdrive FDS 150
  • All major units are acoustically clad allowing Rig 29 to operate in environmentally sensitive areas

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